About ADC Chicago

ADC was founded in 2011 to offer complete full-stack mobile development services with the aim of solving real-world challenges. App Design Company pioneered mobile development for both iOS and Android devices and we’re constantly expanding to accommodate our growing international client base.

What makes ADC stand out? The team. Where creative thinkers and technologists effectively collaborate with experienced design and development teams to create a harmonious development cycle. At App Design Company, we connect everything together in a highly-motivated and productive environment maintaining over seven years of satisfied customers and finished projects. We ensure our process is constantly evolving to address shifts client demands, changes in user preferences, and emerging technologies.

We do not simply create products or provide services, ADC partners with dedicated clients to challenge the status quo and consistently create world-class solutions based on our clients’ precise strategic and financial requirements leading to long-term business relationships.

What we do

Mobile Development

ADC has mastered the space of Mobile Development. Our developers are highly adept to give you the absolute best in Mobile App Development, Mobile Web Development, and Mobile Game Development.

Complete iOS Development

Our team has been at the forefront of iPhone software development ever since the very beginning and offer the most experienced design services across all types of iOS applications.

As specialists in iPhone application development, ADC crafts cutting-edge apps for its global clientele. Our team stays in tune with changes and innovations happening in the world of current mobile technologies and we’re prepared to tackle any project. Our unparalleled iOS app development strategies allow us to design, develop, and effectively deploy quality applications.  Our team of experts is here to determine the ways in which the iPhone connects to your idea of business, and design a planned iPhone app development process to pave the way for success. A company can quickly achieve far-reaching levels of success, with the potential to increase its customer base by utilizing iPhone applications. Our conceptualization of the development process involves extensive research and analysis on the scope of the application, and how it can best serve its purpose.

Our wide range of premium-quality services:

  • iPhone SDK
  • Complete inner architecture design
  • Broad experience in Mac OS and mobile application development
  • Advanced use of features; multi-touch interface, accelerometer, proximity sensor
  • User-friendly interface
  • Our iPhone application categories are:
    • Business
    • Finance
    • News
    • Social Networking
    • Shopping
    • Travel
    • Search Tools
    • Utilities
    • Shopping

With any issues related to iPhone application development, ADC has it covered. We’ve centralized iOS development to cover any type of project and consolidated the best tools to bring any idea to life.

iPhone API Development

We craft versatile APIs for iOS, Android, and Windows to create vital channels for new business growth and opportunity.

API’s consist of key protocols and tools utilized for creating software applications. App Design Company has perfected the art of programming the building blocks needed to leverage important data that allow an agency to create amazing shopping, fitness, travel, or other feature-rich application, the possibilities are endless.

Our team is experienced in managing corporate APIs that grant access to a companies database of products, locations, as well as information on venue check-ins. APIs enable developers to access and integrate the functionality and data with other applications.

Amazon, Twitter, eBay, and Google have all used APIs to bridge countless applications, some benefits include:

  • Acquisition of new customers and businesses: unleash the power of partners and to reach untapped markets.
  • Promote innovation: solve business problems and challenges internally
  • APIs create new experiences for users.

Most operating environments provide an API, they guarantee to provide that all programs that use common parameters will have similar interfaces and data, making it easier onboard new users.

Android Software Development

Our team at App Design Company began Android application development in late 2007 ever since the platform was originally announced. Since then we’ve consistently produced some of the coolest and most effective Android Applications.

App Design Company is proud to offer development services for the Andriod platform, a framework developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance acting as an operating system for mobile devices and a gateway to a myriad of opportunities.

Android allows developers to create third-party applications with Java support and run on them on the Android platform. This enables our specialists to apply their experience and skills to the maximum effort in order to create, test and deploy market-ready applications all in one smooth process.

Android offers mobile device core functionality access and a wholesome multitasking environment which creates an endless array of developmental possibilities. Projects can be supported for a verity of fields, multimedia, gaming, business/health, or communications capabilities, our developers will work around the clock to ensure a quality result.

Additionally, the Android platform offers a comfortable web interface allowing for applications to embed different online content; an undeniably vital feature in the modern realm of development.

Our team effectively drafts location-based applications requiring GPS and/or Wi-Fi oriented programming, this extended functionality coupled with a wide array of media-related abilities enables us to exceed any and all project requirements.

In many aspects, Android can be considered one of the most open and flexible platforms as it is the least limited and has gained the leading position as a native OS for a variety of tablet computers.

We take pride in designing and creating elegant and feature-rich solutions for you in the following domains:

  • Business and Finance
  • Education and Healthcare
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Travel and Location
  • Online Shopping
  • Utilities

User Interface Design

Our team designs simply gorgeous and intuitive user interfaces that are adaptive to even the most powerful of applications.

Wearable App Development

Apple, Sony, Samsung, Google and Microsoft all have a version of the futuristic, minimalist, and sleek smartwatches. At ADC, we replicated this approach so our creative design also matched the overall look and feel of the devices.

The smartwatch wasn’t just an evolution of the mobile devices, it was a modern necessity. Our team was excited about the opportunity to get involved in wearable intelligent devices and as an experienced player in the software development industry, we’re prepared to design apps that truly utilize smartwatch technology to its full potential. App Design Company’s development teams were one the first to begin creating apps for these devices and we have established a proven track record of success that enables us to consistently create exciting apps for these must-have gadgets.

iPad Software Development

At App Design Company we’ve designed some of the most unique and pathbreaking solutions for iPad game and application development and have cultivated a dependable client base.

The increase in display size generates an entirely new world of user-interface opportunities and expands design capabilities to outpace previous limitations. The number of applications that make use of this fact is growing quickly and our experienced design teams already set us way ahead of the competition.

The multi-touch screen allows for increased usability, yet the process of creating iPad applications remains similar to that of creating applications for iPhone or iPod as there is the same development kit – the iPhone SDK. However, ADC understands that the approach to designing applications for a tablet device must differ to some extent as compared to the iPhone or iPod Touch. We’re determined to ensure applications created by us will deliver the most genuine user experiences.

App Design Company’s team of highly skilled and committed experts are passionate about what they do and are ready to take advantage of the opportunities that iPad has to offer and produce effective applications that transcend our customers’ expectations no matter how ambitious or complex the project is. Our designers excel in creating innovative applications by combining their expertise in:

  • SDK (iOS software development kit)
  • Form-factor authentification
  • Up-to-date development technologies
  • Exceptional end-user experiences

We’re partnered with the iPad developer program which lets us access the latest development utilities and iOS software updates before public release to ensure that the most recent and updated technologies are always applied.